If you’ve ever read The Spellman Files you know how zany things can get when a dysfunctional family intrudes in a murder investigation. Well, the Spellmans have nothing on Barbara Marr. She’s a one-lady adventure (read: disaster waiting to happen) all by herself.
In this third Barbara Marr book, Barb is out to save an old friend from the slammer. There’s been a murder and Frankie, the ex-mafia man, is the assumed killer. This is a cozy read, with a full cast of endearing characters: Colt, Howard, the three girls, and Barbara’s mom. Add in Howard’s mom, a bird, a dog and enough criminal characters to provide mad confusion and your head will spin as you follow the improbable trail of clues to the end. The pace is quick and funny and as with the best cozies, it’s a chance to spend time with characters you’ve been waiting to see again.
Silenced by the Yams is selling for only 99 cents through the month of February. Take the Monkeys and Run (99 cents) and Citizen Insane ($2.99) are the first two books in the series. You can buy all three books for a total of $4.97.
Maria Schneider is the author of Catch an Honest Thief (99 cents for very limited time). She hunts high and low for good books to read and leaves no page unturned.