LuvMyKindle is an avid reader constantly in search of escape, flitting from book to book like a hummingbird searching out the best nectar. LuvMyKindle writes:

Reading fiction is a great source of escapism and relaxation for me, and sometimes insightful and inspiring, too. My Top Four Reads of 2011 may not be “world literature” or “literary fiction” but what they all had in common was that they each quickly engaged and interested me in the settings, storylines, and characters, and each author awed and impressed me with the original, clever, and imaginative spins they created. All of these books moved at a fast pace and had me ignoring other activities, thinking “I’ll just read one more chapter” when next thing I knew, I had read five more chapters and still had a hard time putting down my Kindle; I read each of these books in only one or two days. Here are my top reads:

The Necromancer by Pamela M. Richter is one of my all time favorites. The author delivers captivating, complex plotting with memorable main and supporting characters (including a very twisted, delusional villain), heart-pounding suspense, sweet and funny moments, serious themes, supernatural elements, brainwashing, icky evil bugs, a witch’s coven, and a kitty-cat. Well-done story-telling and weaving of all the intricate threads – truly a must read! You can purchase the book for only $2.99 today.

Mill River Recluse by Darcie Chan (99 cents) How can I not include the book that had me crying the most tears in 2011? Throughout the last 15% of this story, my throat was hurting and I had trouble seeing the written words through all my tears. Yes, I know it was fiction, but still. This was a wonderful, touching story about a woman who experienced heart-breaking, awful trauma. The story picks up speed and dispenses back story details as it is told. It’s an emotional story that will evoke both laughter and tears, and will stay with you long after you finish reading it.
What Luck! by Alex Knight (99 cents) An utterly unique, whimsical, delightfully refreshing story about a vampire couple and a bunch of zany, eccentric characters. Told with old world charm in a modern setting and tons of tongue-in-cheek humor, this is truly not your typical vampire tale.
Executive Sick Days by Maria E. Schneider ($2.99) This is the third book in the Sedona O’Hala cozy mystery series. I love this author’s writing style and creativity, and enjoyed once again having access to Sedona (and her humorous internal dialogue), her quirky family, and all the different new/old outrageously nutty and flawed supporting characters and their crazy antics. (I know people like them in real life. *sigh*) In addition to the main mystery (which I only had partially figured out), there was the hysterical secondary mystery of “the lunch thief” to figure out. Sedona’s love life was expanded on a bit more this time around, too. Loved it!