I’m Susan, the other cheap chick, and here are my top four reads from 2011.

The Eyre Affair is a rather unusual mystery. Thursday Next is a British detective tracking down a crafty villain who is going back into time and killing off literary characters. Thoroughly British, it is entertaining if impossible to explain. The book was published in 2003 and is still selling for $12.99, if that’s an indication of its popularity.

Where the Hell is Matt? was free for a long time, it’s still SuperCheap at $1.99. You Tube dancing sensation Matt tells the true story of how he traveled the world and inspired some heartfelt dancing.
As I said in my review, anyone who has had to make peace with their teenage self will relate to One Hit Wonder. This laid-back novel uses the creative frame of Mickey DeFalco’s teenage hit song to tell a touching, but realistic story. It’s priced $7.38 now.
Do children’s books count? If so, I’m adding The Softwire. I read Virus on Orbis 1, the first book in the series for middle-grade readers. I loved how well it conveyed the close connection between youth and technology. It is selling for $6.15 today.