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Meeting Goals; Keeping Track
At the beginning of 2011, I (Susan) decided I wanted to track how many books I read, instead of just having a vague idea. I asked for suggestions and several of you recommended Goodreads.
It’s like a social network for book lovers, where you can track what books you’re reading, share reviews and interact with other readers. It has been a lot of fun to check in with you and see the books you enjoy. Signing up for the 2011 Reading Challenge, I made a goal to read 55 books (that’s more than one a week!) and by the end of the year, had read 70. A few were children’s books but I discovered I read more than I thought.
One of the things I enjoy most about Goodreads is the virtual book shelf where you can line up the covers of books you’ve read. I scanned through the titles from 2011 and it was like reconnecting with some old friends (and a few distant acquaintances who had sucked up my time.)
One of my favorite books for the year was The Hunger Games.
This series is written for young adults, but many grown ups have enjoyed it as well. I had avoided it because I thought it would be violent but found it a compelling character study, except for the third book, which was a disappointment compared to the first two. The first book of trilogy is selling for $4.69.
For the 2012 Reading Challenge, my goal is 62 books. Do you have a reading goal this year? How many books do you hope to get to know in 2012?
Cheap Reads
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