Holiday Favorite Treat Poll
We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday season and had an opportunity to relax with friends and family and read, too. In our informal poll of your favorite holiday treat, fudge and frosted sugar cookies were popular choices. Favorite write-in responses were gingerbread, divinity and pumpkin pie. If you enjoyed as many treats as we did, you had a wonderful, sugar-filled holiday.
100 Best-Selling Books for 2011
Amazon announced the 100 best-selling books for 2011 and several cheap reads were in the top 30. One book, Ascend by Amanda Hocking, is no longer available as a cheap read as Ms. Hocking has re-published the book through a traditional publisher. A Kindle Single that is 40 pages long is one of the top “books.” Is that fair? Should a book have a minimum length to qualify?
Nine cheap reads from the top 30 that are still available for less than $3 each are below. The prices are as low as 79 cents up to $2.99 each. Only two of the books are $2.99 and most are 99 cents.

Your Top Reads for 2011
Again this year we will feature your top four reads from 2011. The reads don’t have to be cheap reads, just your favorites. Please send your list along with a 1-3 sentence description or reason you liked the books to us via Your Two Cents Worth tab. If you don’t have four reads, send one, two, or three of your favorites.
Next week we will post our top four reads for 2011.
From USA Today
Tiger and I vacationed for a few days over the holiday break and enjoyed reading USA Today each morning. This cartoon was featured on Friday, December 30: