We are frantically getting ready for the holiday. Housekeeping is going to be quick this week, think of it as a small plate of mini-desserts. Oh, that sounds divine! Let’s take an informal poll of the best holiday treat.
Getting around the site
We have added a Users Guide tab to our page to help visitors become familiar with the site. Our goal is to provide the best possible site for our users, while still presenting a wide variety of books for you to peruse.
Hold on to your hat, the cheap reads just keep coming
Publishers are cutting prices with a very sharp knife as the Christmas holiday approaches. We will be posting as many as possible and will try to present them in creative ways. You may feel a bit bombarded, but we want to make you aware of every book possible. It’s not too late to drop hints about wanting or needing an Amazon gift card for all the bargains.
Midnight posts
This month we have had a midnight post of three books selling for only 99 cents each. These novels are great reads at supercheap prices from nearly every genre. In the last week the subjects have been thrillers, women’s fiction, classic Westerns, contemporary romance, Christian fiction whodunits and dark fantasy. Scroll back through the posts to find them or click on the SuperCheap Free tab.
Here are three Christmas reads for only 99 cents each – a story of redemption,  a duet of romance and murder mystery novellas in one book, and a fun read for all ages.

Jane Austen Fanfiction even cheaper
We featured a post of many Jane Austen fanfiction books last week on her birthday. Many of those books are now priced even cheaper at $1.79 – including the contemporary romance Trials of the Honorable F. Darcy and historical Darcy Christmas.