A Personal Note
Last year at this time, my husband Tiger was very ill, facing a major surgery in just two days. I was functioning on pure adrenaline as I had not slept but a few hours nightly for more than six weeks. When I posted on the site about our situation, your responses of prayers and concern were welcome springs of refreshment to our spirits.
Tiger received excellent health care from skilled surgeons, therapists and others who worked to restore his health. He became an amazing healing man, and through this past year, he has continued to recover and return to his wonderful self.
Yesterday we visited Tiger’s surgeon for the test results of his one-year follow up visit. God continues to answer our prayers as there is no sign of recurrence. Our holidays will be merry and bright.
Return for Refund Option on Manage Your Kindle Page
Amazon continues to improve and simplify the customer experience. By adding a Return for Refund option on the Manage Your Kindle page, you no longer have to call Customer Support to return a Kindle book purchase. The feature is only applicable for e-books purchased within the previous 7 days.
When the return option is selected for a book on the page, you must select a reason for the return. You may choose:
–Wrong item
–Found a better price elsewhere
–Quality issues
–Compatibility issues
–Download problems
–Defective content
–Unwanted purchase
–Digital rights restriction
–Accidental purchase
–Offensive Content
While this is a valuable feature in saving time to call Customer Support, I would advise caution when returning a book. Some people believe that Amazon monitors customer return activity to prevent customers from overusing the return option. Unscrupulous customers might abuse the 7 day grace period by purchasing a book, reading it, and then returning it for a refund.
Bookstores having a strong holiday season
The holiday season is improved this year for traditional bookstores according to this New York Times article.
Reporting for sales during Thanksgiving week, both chain stores and independent booksellers saw double-digit percentage sales increases compared to last year. The article sites one independent bookstore that has seen a 30% increase in sales in November.
Non-fiction books have proven to be popular selections this holiday season. “Sleeper surprises” selling well this year are glossy, expensive hardback photography and art books. If I were buying a photography or art book, a physical copy would be my preference, too.
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