This week we are posting an extra helping of housekeeping to keep you up-to-date. We all enjoy extra helpings this time of year, don’t we?
Daily e-mail for jr. edition and DCR UK
We are happy to announce that the jr. edition of DailyCheapReads and our UK DailyCheapReads site are now available by e-mail subscription. Just complete the little form in the right sidebar of each site and then confirm and activate to complete the process. If you are a parent or grandparent giving Kindle books to a child or teen, the jr. edition provides an easy way to see what is available to purchase. We respect your privacy and will only use the e-mail address for the daily distribution.
Helping Santa’s Helpers
A user sent us a note about her wonderful husband. He purchased her a Fire for Christmas and gave it to her early. She wanted us to know that he didn’t know to order through our site.
She suggested we give you tools for you to provide to your Santa’s helpers so they can order their gifts through us. When you are making that list, here are a few URLs you can include that will allow us to receive the sales credit and keep this site going well after the holidays:
Kindle Fire:
Kindle 3G Keyboard:
Kindle Touch 3G:
Touch Wi-Fi:
Kindle, 6”:
Kindle accessories:
Amazon gift cards:
Reviews of Christmas Reads
The Cat Before Christmas by Lynn Michaels is a movie just waiting for a producer to select the cast and start filming.
Wiki, an incorrigible Siamese, doesn’t want to spend Christmas at the vet’s office while his owner Cary skis in Colorado. What begins as an innocent attempt to keep her home becomes an adventure that almost separates Wiki and Cary for good. The good news for Wiki is that this is a holiday story and all ends well after a few anxious days for Wiki.
Ms. Michaels states that the characters in the book are fictional, which is true of the human characters. The cat, however, is the real personality that is one of the nine lives in every feline. If you love cats, you will enjoy the story and nod and chuckle at Wiki’s adventures because you will know a cat just like him. If you don’t particularly care for cats, then you will be justified in your feelings as you read about the stress Wiki causes his mistress.
The Cat Before Christmas is selling today for only 99 cents. I recommend reading the novella now before the movie comes to a local theater.
Robyn Carr’s latest Christmas novel in the Virgin River series, Bring Me Home for Christmas, is another great book in the series. Becca Timm and Denny Cutler were seriously involved as young adults when Denny’s life abruptly changed with the death of his mother and an identity crisis while he searched for his biological father. Becca was involved in the college scene, didn’t understand Denny’s struggle, and their relationship ended.
With unresolved feelings and another man hinting at marriage, Becca travels to Virgin River to confront Denny. The story unfolds somewhat predictably, but I enjoyed watching Becca mature from her protected world of privilege to realizing that her talents could be used for the greater good. She finally catches up to where Denny, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, has been for some time. Now they are compatible beyond a physical attraction.
This book doesn’t hint at or set the stage for another book in the series and that could be because Ms. Carr’s Christmas novels can be stand alone installments. The town of Virgin River rallies around the spirit of community once again this holiday season and this story adds to the appeal of small town camaraderie. The book is selling today for $5.24.