On my “old” Kindle 2, sometimes I’d actually touch the screen to try to pull up a book instead of using the five-way button.
So I was very excited about upgrading to the Kindle Touch with 3G.
Although its cousin the Kindle Fire has gotten most of the attention lately, this is one very nice piece of equipment.
The Kindle Touch is small and lightweight. It only has one button which is really a fine layer of fins that slide softly under your finger. Choosing a book is as simple as touching the title on the homepage, a nice step up from the five-way button. I can’t tell you how many times I accidentally deleted a book on my old Kindle because of that.
The Touch gives two options for turning a page – slide your finger, reminiscent of flipping the page in a book, or tap the screen, which is what I usually do. Tap on the left to go back a page and at the top to pull down a menu. The screen is sensitive and I’ve often turned a page without meaning to, but no more so than with the button on the previous model. According to the users’ guide, the e-ink page refreshes more quickly and it does seem to be a bit faster. The Touch is designed so you can hold it and turn pages in one hand. (I’d like to see paperback that can do that!) This works without a hitch for me.
The dictionary feature is one of my favorites on the Kindle. It works beautifully on the Touch – just tap the word you want to know and a full definition pops up. The highlighting feature, however, is more difficult to navigate. I’ve tried it a few times and instead of highlighting, end up turning pages. The font size button is easy to handle and has options for spacing.
The Kindle Touch is a big step up for playing games. Only a few are offered free on the Touch, but those that do load quickly and are so easy to play that if it wasn’t so nice to read books on the Touch, I’d be playing games all the time. If a keyboard is needed, it pops up on screen, so I don’t miss the keyboard at all.
Special Offers
Special offers are the bomb! I got the Kindle 3G with advertising for $149, as opposed to $189 without the advertising. (The WiFi Touch is just $99 with special offers; $139 without.)
So worth the $40 savings in many ways. For one thing, it’s $40. For another, the ads are only on the screen saver, so you don’t really see them. For one more, the ads are more attractive than the portraits of petrified writers. And one last thing, the offers give really good deals. Click on the ad to respond and Amazon sends the offer to your email. I got a book for $1 on the Friday after Thanksgiving.
Not too many covers were offered in the Amazon store when I ordered the Touch. I picked up this leather one for $39. It’s similar to a phone case in that the Kindle fits snugly inside. I was disappointed, because it was not as sturdy as I expected. Next time, I would order one with a strap that holds it closed. Also, the Touch only comes with a USB charger. If you don’t already have one, I’d recommend a power adapter ($9.99).
Overall, I am very pleased with the ease of use and features on the Touch. It would be great for new Kindle users or old pros looking to upgrade. I tap the Touch a “thumbs up.”