Christmas With Tucker was a gift from my friend last year. A box of Kleenex later, I made it through this touching story that still warms my heart.
Christmas With Tucker is a pre-quel to Greg Kincaid’s very popular A Dog Named Christmas ($9.99). It’s 1962 in eastern Kansas and young George McCray is living on the farm with his grandparents. George’s dad was killed in a farm accident that summer. His mom and older sisters moved to Michigan, but his mother sensed he needed to stay on the farm for a bit longer. As he tries to adjust to the aching holes in his life, Grandpa brings home an Irish setter who belongs to a neighbor serving a sentence in jail.
Grandpa warns George not to get attached to the dog, which he promptly ignores. The dog fills some of the void in his life and guides him through a classic coming of age scenario.
A major element of the story is Grandpa’s job driving the county road maintainer. As a former country girl, I know full well the happiest sound on a winter day is the sound of the road grader opening a snow drifted road. Kincaid does an amazing job capturing that memory. I also appreciated the way he portrayed Grandma as a warm and caring, but hard working farm wife.
Christmas With Tucker is sentimental with a strong backbone and the accurate description of rural life gives it strong appeal to wide audiences. It’s available today for $9.99.