Marriage of convenience is one of the most popular story plots by readers who want a happily-ever-after in their romances. Most novels using this plot are historical romances set in Regency England or the American West. Catherine Bybee has written a charming contemporary romance using the plot to perfection.
Wife by Wednesday is complete with the scorned other woman, plotting relatives, nosy lawyers, conflict between the newlyweds, misunderstandings and, of course, the happily-ever-after. The hero Blake is money and royalty and needs a wife. Samantha is debt-burdened and shunned by society because of her felonious father and is not looking for a husband. You just know that all the energy of being complete opposites will eventually lead to a team working together.
This romance probably won’t change your life, touch your soul, or make you cry. You will like the characters, appreciate the smooth flow of the story, and the slightly steamy romance. Do yourself a favor – put on a fresh pot of coffee or brew your favorite tea and treat yourself to a little romance this weekend – Wife by Wednesday , selling today for only 99 cents.