Free Apps for Kindle Fire and Android Devices
Have you noticed the new feature on our website? Each day we intend to highlight the free Android App of the Day from the Amazon App Store. One app is offered free by Amazon each day for 24 hours, beginning at midnight Pacific time.
Barnes and Noble Price Match Posts
Barnes and Noble offers their customers something similar to the Kindle Daily Deal – a price reduction for 24 hours only. If the book is in the Kindle Store, Amazon usually price matches their offer. When the B&N book offer is matched at Amazon and the price is $5 or less, we will post the book on our site. The price in the Kindle Store is usually only good that one day.
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What if all is not well with your new Kindle?
Amazon has long been recognized for their excellent customer service. For many e-reader purchasers, the decision to purchase a Kindle was based on Amazon’s reputation for taking care of their customers. If you aren’t satisfied with your Fire or Touch, contact Kindle Customer Service and discuss your issue with the representative. You do not have to accept a product that might have manufacturing or software defects.
Amazon is also well-known for going above customer expectations. Amee sent a note telling us of her experience with Amazon:

My story about a broken kindle….
My husband accidentally sat on his beloved Kindle while at the beach one day. He was absolutely devastated. ALL his books gone in a second! Compounded to the loss was the fact that we live in Italy. We would have to wait forever until we could save up and purchase a replacement.
After moping around for a few hours, he finally decided to call Amazon’s customer service and find out if there was any way they would at least fix the thing. My was he pleasantly surprised!! Amazon not only gave him a new Kindle, but they shipped it free of charge all the way to Italy within 3 business days. They also gave us free shipping to return the broken Kindle.
We are now BIG promoters of the Kindle AND Amazon’s amazing customer service – even internationally!

Winners all around – Amee’s husband got a new Kindle and Amazon has earned Amee’s loyalty for life and she’s promoting Amazon around the world.
Cheap Reads
Below are three e-book bundles that were featured recently on the jr. edition of DailyCheapReads. Great fiction for cheap prices.
New York Times bestselling author Rachel Vincent’s compelling Soul Screamers series keeps getting better—here, for the first time, the original stories are compiled into one special volume…. The bundle includes My Soul to Lose, My Soul to Take and My Soul to Save. You can pre-order the bundle today for $6.39 today. Delivery is November 22. The series is recommended for teens in grades 10 – 12.
From the swirling mists and icy depths beyond the edge of the world came the snow-walker Gudrun, to rule the Jarl’s people with fear and sorcery. But a small band of outlaws are prepared to risk their lives to defeat Gudrun and restore the land to its rightful leader. This trilogy follows them in their quest, from the first terrifying journey to meet the mysterious snow-walker’s son, to the final battle in the lands beyond the rainbow bridge. All three books are in one e-book file for $9.99 today.
When Soren, a young owlet, mysteriously falls from his nest one evening, he’s plucked up and taken to the sinister St. Aegolius Academy. Once there, he must use his wits and bravery to escape his captors. Soren and his new band of orphans fight their way through many dangers, hoping to find refuge with a group of brave owls thought only to be a legend—the Guardians of Ga’Hoole! And so begins a magical journey in this stunning collection of the first three books from the Guardians of Ga’Hoole series. For children and tweens in grades 4 – 8, you can purchase the first three books for only $9.89 today.