This guest book review is by Maria Schneider, author of Catch an Honest Thief ($2.99).
A cheap read and a good book to boot! Just finished reading Straight to Hell, the first book in The Lilith Straight Series by Michelle Scott. It’s a bit chic-lit, a bit paranormal, and a whole lot of heart. At 99 cents, it’s a “You can’t go wrong!” — only in the story, there are times when it’s all the heroine can do to get herself back on the straight and narrow. There’s temptations and bills to pay and kids to mother–and the devil trying like hell to hook her soul.
Straight to Hell is a story of redemption, hope and romance all rolled into one. It reminds me of Holly Lisle’s Sympathy for the Devil , which is an excellent read (and not a bad price at $2.99)
The humor and pacing in Straight to Hell only gets better as the book goes along–and more heart-rending the more you get to know the characters. The story takes on a little more seriousness towards the end as well.
The book comes across as light-hearted chic-lit, but it’s really dealing with more serious issues of…decisions and consequences. What would you do if your child was in danger? What would you REALLY do to save her?
But I didn’t even realize it until after I finished because the book is extremely well-written. It stays in a fast-paced mode and is funny in spots and throws in a touch of romance so you’re distracted from the seriousness.
My only gripe is that it’s one of those “to be continued.” Not enough was resolved for me by the end of the book, but that kind of fits the nature of the story. Soon as you solve one problem or beat one monster in life, another one appears. Maybe bigger. Maybe it’s just the monster that was there all along. It’s weird cleverness hiding behind light reading.
Recommended for chic-lit lovers looking for a story with heart, plot, romance and humor, but be warned that the plot is not fully resolved in book one.