Tortoise or Hare?
I finished a book recently that I had been reading for, like, forever. Although not the fastest reader – hats off to all you book-a-day addicts – it rarely takes me two weeks to finish a 300-page novel.
This one seemed promising with a well-known author, a little romance, historical setting, spy intrigue. But getting through that thing was torture. Well, it couldn’t have been that bad because I was just enough interested that I wanted to see how it ended. Thankfully, it did at least end.
When I finally read the last page, I slapped it closed and tossed it in the box to donate to the library for the annual book sale. And then realized what may have been the problem. I had read this book in its “original” paperback format, instead of on the Kindle.
As I thought about it, I believe I read faster on the Kindle and am more inclined to skip slow or boring parts. It’s just so easy to hit that next page button. It’s also not such a burden to step away from a book part way through. While a printed book will lay on the night stand laying a guilt trip til the bookmark moves closer to the end, I don’t feel so bad to choose another book on the Kindle homepage, with a promise to get back to that other book later. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t, but no one but me will ever know.
Do you think you read faster with Kindle books than with printed ones? Vote in the poll below and leave a comment if you would like.

Polling Data Results
Thanks to everyone who participated in the poll of the genre of your life story. Mystery/Suspense/Horror – trying to find the answers to life’s mysteries has the most votes. A few readers provided genre in the “other” category:
Helpful hints – new uses for old things
Fiction: One story after another!
Travel – the road of life, bumps, potholes and detours
Sci-Fi/Fantasy – whatever I want it to be!
Sit-com with every day a strange happening, like Lucy, Ethel, Laverne, Shirley
Adventure – Every day brings a new one
Fiction — Making it up as I go!
Comedy of Manners
Pre-ordering books – How far out should we go?
Many publishers offer their upcoming books for pre-order and we gladly feature those books when the prices are right. But how far out should we post the pre-order opportunity? Two weeks? A month? As soon as the pre-order is available even if the release date is months away?
For some pre-orders the publishers don’t provide any information until the last minute. In looking through pre-order opportunities, some are set to deliver November 1 and still don’t have a cover or product description. Are you willing to place a pre-order without that information?
Alana sent us a heads-up about a trilogy available to pre-order – The Assassin Trilogy: The Silver Bear, Columbus, and Dark Men by Derek Haas. Three suspense novels in one e-book file selling for only $2.99 when pre-ordered. The delivery is January 15 – nearly three months from now.
This book does have a description, but no cover yet.
An e-original omnibus of three suspense novels by the Barry Award-nominated novelist and co-screenwriter.
He calls himself Columbus. His real name never meant much to him anyway. He never knew his father, an earnest young congressman and rising star in the Democratic Party named Abe Mann, or his mother, a prostitute whose involvement with Mann would prove dangerous.
All Columbus cares about is his next target. And considering that Columbus is a hit man who quickly made a name for himself as one of the best despite his years, you can be sure he’ll fulfill whatever contract’s been given him. Even if those who put out the hit have other plans in mind.
In THE COLUMBUS TRILOGY, the first three novels by Barry Award-nominated author Derek Haas, Columbus squares off against the shadow of his father, Czech crime lords, drug dealers, a prostitution ring, and more, in three acclaimed suspense novels by rising master of the genre. All three novels for $2.99 today.
Click here to purchase The Assassin Trilogy: The Silver Bear, Columbus, and Dark Men
Cheap reads – 99 cents each on these books