Vampires, Ghosts, Werewolves, Horror and More
Now is the time of the year when publishers offer great prices on books intended to scare you witless. In the coming days, you will see many books about vampires, werewolves, horror, ghosts, fantasy, and all things grisly and ghastly. Children’s books are also discounted this month and we are featuring them on our jr. edition. The three books below are for children, tweens and teens and selling for $1.99 each.

Amazon announces another publishing imprint
Amazon recently announced the launch of their own publishing imprint for science fiction, fantasy and horror – 47North. The name is based on the latitude coordinates of Seattle, the location of Amazon’s corporate offices. Click here read the full press release.
Among the authors who will have books released in the next few months are Lee Goldberg, Dave Duncan, Arik Davis, Stephen Leather, and BV Larson.
The first books under the imprint will release later this month. You can pre-order the first book in the Dead Man series by Lee Goldberg and William Rabkin today with delivery scheduled for October 24.
Face Of Evil: ($2.99) Matt Cahill is a widower leading a quiet, solitary life-cutting wood at a lumber mill in the Pacific Northwest, watching out for his trouble-prone friend Andy, and making his first, tentative attempt at romance with Rachel. But a trip with Rachel to a ski resort goes tragically wrong and he is killed in an avalanche. That should be the end of his story. But for Matt, it’s only the beginning, the first step in a horrifying odyssey across a dark world that exists within our own…and where he must confront a violent, supernatural entity that spreads evil among us like a plague…
Sitting in the Designated Kindle Row
Jean Brashear sent this wonderful picture and told us the story behind it:

I was flying Southwest Airlines, returning from being the retreat speaker for Romance Writers Ink in Tulsa. There was already someone in the aisle seat, and I sat down in the window seat and immediately pulled out my Kindle because I was getting close to the end of the book. Then another young man came to sit in the middle and said, “This is funny.” I looked up and realized all three of us were reading Kindles!
I asked them if we could get a picture, and the man across the aisle helped out. He was grinning, too. He asked, “So are all of you reading the same thing?” Uh…nope! I was reading a historical romance, Aisle Guy was reading Game of Thrones, and I don’t know what our middle seatmate was reading because there *is* a no-snooping etiquette, right?
I finished my book and was delighted to be able to download another while in the air, thanks to Southwest’s WiFi–go, Kindle and Southwest!

Jean has three indie-published books available for the Kindle. The romance novella and novels below are selling for 99 cents, $2.99, and $3.99, respectively: