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Housekeeping – The new look at Amazon, Water in the Kindle, and Labor Day Weekend 4 comments

Seeing something different on Amazon?
The Amazon home page has been re-designed and a few folks are seeing it when they access the site. The most surprising thing to me was the removal of the color on the pages. The format is familiar and the new look is easy on the eyes.
Speculation is that the new design is preparatory to the release of the Amazon tablet. The article in the link notes the big tablet-friendly buttons and a bigger, more prominent, search bar and speculates that these are indicators that Amazon is getting closer to a tablet announcement.
Technology watchers are speculating that Amazon could sell 5 million tablets in the fourth quarter if the supply is available to ship. The article also speculates a price below $300, undercutting the iPad price and boosting the Android application market.
I will be one of the first to pre-order the Amazon tablet. What about you? Is there a price too high for you to pay? If the tablet had both e-ink and backlit capabilities, would you pay more? What do you want to see in the tablet?
Water, water, water . . .
After writing about my dad’s Kindle taking on water during a wicked storm, several wrote suggesting that the Kindle could be placed in a zipped baggie with rice to help aid the drying process. Keith said that that rice will absorb moisture from the internals of the electronics and he’s seen it work with a phone. He also cautioned that you needed to resist all temptation to turn on the device for at least 48 hours. If it is really wet, waiting longer would be wise. Keith said if you give in and turn on the device and “any residual moisture is still in there, it’ll be fried.” Might be a way to get a tablet. I’m just saying. . .
Three day weekend on DailyCheapReads
The Labor Day holiday weekend is nearly here in the United States. During the three-day weekend, DailyCheapReads will feature anthologies of three or more stories or novellas. Some of the books featured may exceed the $5 limit, but the price of each novella will be less than $2.
Cheap Reads?
Scroll down to all the free books posted today – more than 40. The Einstein post is the end of today’s posts.

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