Stephanie Grace Whitson is my new favorite author. Not that she is new, but I’ve just discovered her. I chose to read A Most Unsuitable Match because this historical novel is set on the Missouri River. (My hometown even got a shout out!)
Fannie Rousseau has grown up in the sheltered comfort of her wealthy parents’ home in St. Charles, Mo. After her mother’s death, Fannie sorts through papers and finds letters from an aunt she never knew existed. She and her maid take a steamboat to Fort Benton, Montana, the location of the last letter posted by Aunt Edith.
On the river, Fannie encounters tragedy, but also the friendship of Samuel Beck, who has escaped his abusive father and is looking for his runaway sister.
Samuel and his new companion, a former slave, watch out for Fannie when they make it Fort Benton. In this rough frontier settlement, Fannie sets to find her aunt and discovers herself and love in the process. It’s this second half of the book that is the most interesting.
I enjoyed the swift-moving story that had some predictable points but also several surprises. There was an inordinate amount of fainting, but otherwise an entertaining historical.
I received a copy of A Most Unsuitable Match through Bethany House’s book review program. It is selling for $9.22 in the Kindle store.
In addition, I read Whitson’s Sixteen Brides which was offered free on Kindle this summer.
This is most unusual twist on the “prairie romance.” Each of the brides had a secret to hide and it wasn’t easy to predict who the brides would end up marrying. It is now $8.54.