Inspiring Reads
I had been feeling a bit down lately. That must have been why I picked out a couple of non-fiction books, which are not my normal fare.
Heaven Is for Real is a best-seller and a cheap read at $4.98. Small-town pastor Todd Burpo writes about his family’s ordeal as their 3-year-old son was deathly ill. A few months after his recovery, Colton started talking about his trip to heaven. I appreciated Burpo sharing his skepticism at first, as well as some of the humorous insights of a child describing the afterlife. As a children’s Sunday School teacher, this book was instructive. As a pilgrim with an eye toward home, it was an invaluable gift.
Written by Michael Hingson, Thunder Dog describes how he and his guide dog escaped the World Trade Center on September 11. The account was interspersed with Hingson’s reflections on his experiences growing up in a sighted world. The description of the fire and destruction of 9/11 are vivid but not disturbing. This would be an appropriate read for someone as young as middle school or someone who needs motivation or inspiration. The book is selling today for $7.99. 
If you have read an inspiring book, please leave a comment about the book on this post. 
Once in a while, I goof. . .  
That’s not news, but this time I’m confessing to it. Earlier this month I posted a book review by Mark, a site user who had read Stone in a Sling by Scott A. Meehan. The book is a non-fiction autobiography of Major (Ret.) Meehan’s life as a missionary kid through marriage and family and his service around the world in the United States military. I mis-categorized the book as fiction and corrected the category recently. You can read the review and purchase the book for $2.99 today.
Reminding you of a few cheap reads
Yesterday we featured eighteen 99 cent books. Scroll back through the posts. You are sure to find a couple of books to read during the rainy, cooler weekends and evenings this fall. Here’s another cheap read. Libby Fischer Hellmann’s Toxicity is only 99 cents today. A dark police procedural and thriller, this book is a prequel to the Georgia Davis PI series – Easy Innocence ($2.99) and Doubleback (99 cents).
Toll-Gate: by Georgette Heyer can still be pre-ordered for $1.99 with delivery October 1. Captain John Staple, back from the battlefront, is already bored with his quiet civilian life in the country. When he stumbles upon a mystery involving a disappearing toll-gate keeper, nothing could keep the adventure-loving captain from investigating. But winning her will be his greatest yet…
More than twenty of Georgette Heyer’s books are still priced at $1.99, including seven of her mysteries. I’m continuing to read Unfinished Clue ($1.99) and have come to totally dislike the pompous man who meets a deadly fate. The cast of characters in this whodunit is an entertaining lot and every one of them has a reason to snuff out the nasty man.
You can page through all of Georgette Heyer’s books here, including the mysteries. The $1.99 books are on all four pages.