A print book just doesn’t offer this
In your reading experiences, you have probably encountered the dreaded punctuation error, misuse of a word or typographical misstep. With the rise of e-readers utilizing different and complex file structures, formatting errors detract from the reading experience.
Unique to electronic publishing, the purchaser may be given the opportunity to receive a corrected version of electronic books at no additional cost.
Last week I received three opportunities to replace e-books with errors. Two of the books were independently published; one was from a traditional publisher. Below is the body of an e-mail I received:

We’re writing about your past Kindle purchase of Book by Author Author. The version you received had typos and formatting that have been corrected.

An updated version of Book (ASIN:Bxxxxxx) is now available. It’s important to note that when we send you the updated version, you will no longer be able to view any highlights, bookmarks, and notes made in your current version and your furthest reading location will be lost.

If you wish to receive the updated version, please reply to this email with the word “Yes” in the first line of your response. Within 2 hours of receiving the e-mail any device that has the title currently downloaded will be updated automatically if the wireless is on.

I rarely highlight, bookmark, or make notes so I replied to accept the revised editions. The choice is always yours.
Amazon announces an expanded relationship with Hearst Publications
Tuesday Amazon issued a press release stating that Amazon and Hearst Publications had entered into an “an expanded, multi-faceted consumer marketing, e-commerce and content relationship.” The business agreement will make Amazon the largest third-party seller of Hearst’s magazines via digital channels.
Hearst is one of the world’s largest magazine publisher. Because the Kindle does not have color, it does not present magazines well. When the Amazon tablet becomes available, magazine viewing will be optimized. A large inventory of magazine subscription offerings is crucial to capture the market.
Amazon is preparing for the tablet release. . . .
The Spellman Files
Lisa sent a note to let us know that the first book in the Izzy Spellman series is selling for only $1.99 – a very rare price reduction. Click here to see the post about the Spellman Files series by Lisa Lutz. Enjoy a fun read about a female PI and her adventures.
Are you in the mood for a romance read? Every book below is selling for 99 cents each.