Mark sent a note recommending Stone in a Sling by Scott A. Meehan. I asked for hs impression of the book and he provided this review.
Mark is a doctoral student at Capella University and a big reader of both technical and fiction–keen on using this website every day looking for good deals.
I found the book to be a coming-of-age book outlining a unique story of one young man’s journey well into adulthood. The author develops the story with a series of vignettes that span his life as a youngster in Baltimore, a “missionary kid” in Columbia to the present where he was a retired veteran returning to worn-torn Iraq.
The story is filled with emotional and spiritual revelation, as Scott becomes a man in his own way from marriage, college, and through an interesting military career outlining the sacrifices made and the places visited. As a military member from the 80s, I could relate to his journey and the difficulties transient military life brings. Scott focuses in the aspect of particular deeds from a serviceman’s standpoint in Iraq that are important for the story.
Overall, the book is worth the $2.99. It is a “male” read especially with the title and by-line being miltary-based.
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