A charming Georgian romance, The Convenient Marriage is the story of a less-than-perfect, very young heroine who marries the older Earl of Rule to free her sister to marry the man the sister loves.
Horatia, who stutters and stammers, naïvely falls in love with card games and gambling. Longing for a victory over a man known for his gaming skill, she finds herself in a spot of trouble with the very man her husband has instructed her to avoid.
She seeks the help of her brother and his friend to rescue her from her foolishness. The end result could be described as the Georgian equivalent of fraternity brothers with good intentions, but not much forethought. They try their best, but fail miserably in one humorous escapade after another.
The Earl has always been a step ahead of his young, naïve, but utterly charming wife. He is the picture of the strong, silent type, who won his bride’s heart by being her quiet hero. A delightful story with well-drawn characters and attention to detail, the romance is still available for only $1.99.
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