If you are going to participate in crime or infidelity, you need to watch your back. Revenge is a very powerful force. That’s the common theme in this anthology by James Scott Bell.
Mr. Bell is known for his Christian fiction legal thrillers, such as Sins of the Fathers ($9.99) and Presumed Guilty ($9.99). After reading and enjoying Deadlock ($9.99), I was glad to see this novella and three short story collection by Mr. Bell selling for only $2.99.
The title novella is the story of a young man who had an opportunity for redemption and avoiding crime, but his lustful desires took him down the wrong road.
And those promises of fulling his desires? Not only were they hollow, but everything and everyone seemed to be working against him at the same time. The action was suspenseful and I wondered if anyone in the story told the truth.
Fore Play is the story of a very accomplished golfer who was unfaithful to his wife. The ending was different (so far) than any news articles you may have read concerning a real life well-accomplished golfer. Rage Road caused me to stop and think about what could happen on the highway when an angry person has a gun.
My favorite of the collection was Heed the Wife. A marvelous, ingenious twist that I didn’t see coming. If you are a word geek like me, you will enjoy the story.
With a bit of something for everyone in this book without being preachy, there were a few references to Christian values and scripture. Watch Your Back is a great read for $2.99 and won’t scare you at all. Unless you participate in crime or infidelity. Then you need to watch your back. Revenge is a very powerful force.

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