The Book of Biff is a single panel comic about spaghetti, time travel and toast. The strip centers around a child-like mad scientist named Biff who may be part cockroach or possibly an alien. He lives a solitary life in a world that he appears to have all to himself. Not a single word is spoken and no other soul is seen.
I purchased Split Personality (The Book of Biff #5) and read the cartoons on my Kindle and my Samsung Tab to see the color version. The images are sharp on the Kindle and will display only one panel per page with the caption on the same panel if the font size is set on one of the four smaller options and the Kindle is set to portrait orientation. With the black and white shades on the Kindle, it was comparable to the daily newspaper comics.
Viewing the comics on the Tab with the color was enjoyable, but certainly isn’t required to enjoy the book.
The content is quirky and fun. Chris Hallback takes ordinary life events and adds a touch of humor. One of my favorites is the cartoon of Biff on the scales with a caption about weighing himself in the morning after eating a bowl of helium grapes. My first thought was, “Could I do that?” On the subject of weight, the cartoon about some foods requiring a wardrobe modification was very amusing. As was where NOT to put the phone when you have volume set to vibrate. Great quirky humor.
If you need a quick smile, love humor that is just a little outside of mainstream, but not overboard, and delight in creativity, I recommend you buy at least one of the five Books of Biff. Two are featured here, but there are five total available – all priced at 99 cents each.

The Book of Biff #1 Target Practice: This collection explores alternate uses for hand puppets, the proper use of an electric tennis ball and the importance of keeping your immovable object dry. 105 pages. Full color (on color devices.)
The Book of Biff #5 Split Personality: This collection explores the dangers of peanut brittle, unpredictable results of the caffeinated office worker and traveling through time while your clothing did not. 142 pages. Full color (on color devices.)