It’s been a good summer for reading. Here are my top picks for Christian fiction and non-fiction this summer.
Pagan Christianiy: This books explores how many church traditions which Christians consider sacred – paid clergy, church buildings, the order of service, even tithing – actually came about from influence of culture, not the Bible. It really made me reconsider some things I’d taken for granted. It’s a worthwhile read, but not an easy one. For Kindle readers, note that book begins with a very long introduction. I’d recommend skipping that and starting with Chapter 1. Offered during the Big Deal, it is now up to $9.99.

Rekindled: In Tamara Alexander’s first novel of this series, Kathryn Jennings believes her husband has abandoned her and their ranch. He was actually attacked in the mountains and burned so badly that when he returns after several months, his own wife doesn’t recognize him. He takes another name and sets about rekindling Kathryn’s love for him. It is Christian fiction unlike most others and a nice romance between a married couple. It is priced at $9.22.

Paper Roses: Something about summer makes me want to read historical fiction. Paper Roses starts with a familiar story – Sarah Dobbs is heading to Texas as a mail order bride. But when she arrives in town, she finds out her husband has been murdered. This romance mixes a good bit of mystery and suspense. I hope you got it when it was free, because it is now $9.68.

Stealing Jake: And one more. Stealing Jake is the touching story of Livy O’Brien, a street urchin from Chicago who is all grown up and running an orphanage in a small town. But her history as a thief makes it most unsuitable for her to be attracted to a Deputy Jake Russell. But I’ve got a feeling love is going to win the day! It is available for $8.60.