Techy I am not, but I’m still going to offer advice
At the risk of being corrected by someone who actually knows the technical and mechanical side of the Kindle, I’m discussing two issues with my Kindle 2. My original Kindle 2 is now more than two and a half years old. Several months ago the battery life deteriorated. After only an hour of reading the battery would be nearly drained. My husband and I were travelling and there weren’t enough electrical outlets in our hotel room to charge our phones, tablets, laptops and Kindles every night.
Amazon states that the battery should be replaced only by an Amazon authorized service provider. Replacement batteries for the Kindle 2 are available on the internet (but not from Amazon). Videos on YouTube show you how to replace the battery. I’m too big of a fraidy cat to try this, so I found a much simpler method that is working to give back normal battery life for a couple of months. It’s as simple as restarting my Kindle by pressing Home > Menu > Settings > Menu and select Restart. This free, safe, and quick action has helped extend the battery life – for now.
The other problem I experienced recently was the crumbling of the power cord. On the Kindle connection end the covering broke into tiny pieces and continued to flake off the cord. It still worked, but the wires started to break and fray also. I went to Kindle Customer Support on Amazon’s website and explained the problen through a chat with customer service. Even though the cord was more than two years old, Amazon sent a new one and paid the shipping too.
That Kindle Cloud
For those of you who have questions about the new Kindle Cloud and how it will function and look, this article provides insight to the product. The author of the article felt that the product still needs work to be widely popular. He states the the look and feel will be familiar to Kindle users, but that the product doesn’t yet have the features we will want and it still isn’t available on many popular browsers. Has anyone taken the Cloud for a test drive? What are your thoughts on the product.
Back to school and fables for all ages

The Old Man & The Monkey is a stunningly beautiful story of a relationship which develops between an old man and a creature which is regarded as a dangerous pest in Japan, a snow monkey, in George Polley’s moving allegory of dignity in the face of racism. This fable is written for children and adults of all ages and is selling today for 99 cents.
Grandfather & the Raven: George Polley’s ‘Grandfather’ stories are fables capable of teaching children – and not a few adults – about the value of appreciating all living creatures, of the wisdom of being open-minded enough to seek solutions in unlikely places, of the rewards of working systematically towards your dreams, of the futility of bullying and aggression, and of the reassurance of a loving and harmonious environment in a world which tips all too often towards the arbitrary destruction of war.
As ever, George Polley recounts these near-legends in a voice which lulls and beguiles, and above all nudges us towards a kinder and more spiritual approach to the world around us. Buy this book for children of all ages and adults for only 99 cents today.