April is an avid reader. In an alternate reality she is a young dragon just learning to fly. You can find her on Goodreads here.
Lord of Scoundrels (Loretta Chase, $1.99) If you like historical romances you would be doing yourself a favor in reading this one. This was one of the most romantic books I’ve read. The two are clearly fated to be together and yet they’ll scratch and tear their way apart as long as they can. It is lots of fun with giggles and snorts and a possible tear here and there. I highly recommend this romance and I am now planning on reading some of Chase’s other works because I liked this one so much. It’s that good.

Walking Dead (C.E. Walker, $8.27) I just got into the Urban Shaman series and have enjoyed every minute. This is an urban fantasy that isn’t really like all the others. Joanne Walker is part Irish and part Native American and it seems that she is much more than she thought she was. So while she really could be the ‘kick butt heroine’ you generally see in the UF worlds, she is mostly confused, trying to learn all she needs to learn to help those around her and do the best she can while trying to keep her life together. She is fun to follow; she stumbles nearly as often as she hits a home run but her heart is in the right place. Very good reading with strong supporting characters. Walking Dead is book four of the series. The first book Urban Shaman is available for $5.54.
Stranger (Blades of the Roses) (Zoe Archer, $4.30) This one is a little harder to categorize, I’d call it a fantasy adventure romance but you could call it anything you want! The fourth and final of the Blades of the Rose series. Each of the books tell the story of one of the Blades of the Rose, people aware that magic exists in the world who also tend to have some sort of gift of their own and who are sworn to oppose those who wish to exploit the world’s magic for their own ends. That in itself would make a good fantasy adventure story but each of these Blades happen to be unattached and somehow find their soulmate on their worldly adventures. You don’t necessarily need to read them in order (Warrior, Scoundrel, Rebel, Stranger) but they are better when you do so. The complete series of the four books is available for $9.99.
Retribution Falls (Chris Wooding, $9.99) One other book that tickled my reading bone this summer was this irreverent steampunk fantasy adventure with questionable heroes and villains. The back of the book says it all:  Sky piracy is a bit out of Darian Frey’s league. Fate has not been kind to the captain of the airship Ketty Jay—or his motley crew. They are all running from something. Crake is a daemonist in hiding, traveling with an armored golem and burdened by guilt. Jez is the new navigator, desperate to keep her secret from the rest of the crew. Malvery is a disgraced doctor, drinking himself to death. So when an opportunity arises to steal a chest of gems from a vulnerable airship, Frey can’t pass it up. It’s an easy take—and the payoff will finally make him a rich man.