Fran Baker sent a review of Sanctuary of Roses by Coleen Gleason: Don’t you just love it when a new-to-you author delivers a fantastic read? That’s what Colleen Gleason does in her medieval romance, Sanctuary of Roses.
Her wonderfully complex characters live in a time of intrigues, secrets and simmering passions. Lady Madelyne de Belgrume is an herbalist, an heiress . . . and is soon to become a nun. Lord Gavin Mal Verne is a warrior, a widower . . . and has been charged by the king with finding a husband for “the nun.” Throw in delightfully steamy love scenes, a battle royal between Mal Verne and his sworn enemy, and a few surprise twists, and you have a terrific story. I highly recommend this book for lovers of historicals. Sanctuary of Roses is selling today for $3.99.
Ms. Gleason has a novella in the Medieval Herb Garden Series that is selling for 99 cents . Lavender Vows: Lord Bernard of Derkland needs to find a wife, if for no other reason than to satisfy his father and his incessant badgering. He has no interest in marrying, but when he meets the beautiful and gentle Joanna of Swerthmore, he knows immediately that she is the one. The only problem is: she’s already wed.
The third book in the series is also available for Kindle: A Whisper of Rosemary: ($3.99) Dirick of Derkland, man of the king, sets off on a mission of revenge after his father’s brutal murder. His mind is bent solely on vengeance until he meets the beautiful, spirited Maris of Langumont. Maris of Langumont has vowed never to wed…but her father must do his duty to protect her, and he promises her to Victor d’Arcy – a man who makes her blood run cold. Bon de Savrille rests his eyes on Maris only once and decides she must be his. He whisks her away just before her betrothal, determined to force her into marriage. When Dirick appears at the castle where Maris is held captive, she believes he is part of the plot … and it’s nearly his death she causes during her plan to escape.