Commentary on Collections
Two electronic devices I love like an appendage: my cell phone and my Kindle.
Two electronic devices I could improve: my cell phone and my Kindle.
For the phone, I’d make a docking station that would amplify the ringer so I could hear it all through the house. As for the Kindle, I’d make the collections feature more useful.
When Amazon added the ability to sort your e-books into collections, it was a big step forward from a single list of books on the homepage. Yet it still falls short of what it really should be. Columnist Clayton Morris describes the frustrations because collections don’t show up on the Kindle app on smartphones.
My biggest wish is that the collections carried over into the archives. It would be nice when I’m in the mood for, say, a good mystery, I could just open that file instead of sorting through a list of titles that don’t mean too much if you haven’t read the book. That’s another thing I’d do – make a folder to archive books after I’ve read them. Another file for freebies that I have no intention reading but couldn’t resist because they were free. As it is, if there’s a book I think I’ll be interested in reading in the next few months, I keep it stored on the device rather than risk losing it that ever-growing list of archived items.
Feel free to share any tips you’ve picked up in using the collections feature.
I just discovered a cell phone ringer. Looks like the Kindle is the only thing left to fix.
Dog Days
We’ve got record-high heat this week, but with the Kindle and the a/c, we are coping. My dog has strategically identified this spot on the dining room floor where he gets maximum exposure from two air conditioning vents. I figure it’s a good time to grab my Kindle and join him. Pick up some cheap reads for your Kindle during these dog days when it’s too hot to turn the pages of print books and you just press that next page button.
Every day next week, we’ll be featuring dog books, books starring dogs, whatever we can find dog-related for the Dog Days of Summer.
Cheap Read to Pre-Order – Only 99 Cents
You can pre-order Angel Fire by Lisa Unger for only 99 cents today and download the book on your Kindle on Tuesday, August 9.
Book description: The bloody murder of her mother when she was a teenager made Lydia Strong into a woman obsessed with bringing brutal killers to justice. Now thirty years old, she is a reclusive bestselling true crime writer and investigative consultant whose intuitions never lie. The latest case to capture her attention is the disappearance of three adults, each the kind of loner whose sudden absence isn’t missed-they have no family, few friends. The Santa Fe Police don’t see a pattern, just three people who left their empty lives behind. But when another woman turns up missing, her apartment streaked with blood, even the police have to admit that something is wrong in their usually quiet town. Lydia and P.I. Jeffrey Mark, the ex-FBI agent who solved her mother’s murder, begin a relentless investigation. But it is only when the killer ups the ante and goes after Lydia herself that, just like fifteen years ago when she put the FBI on the trail of her mother’s killer, the real hunt begins…99 cents when you pre-order today.

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