Book review by: Maria Schneider, an avid reader and the author of the Sedona O’Hala Mystery series. The first is Executive Lunch ($1.99)
Fleeting Memory (An Enescu Fleet Mystery) by Serban Young is a zany, fun and amusing read. It’s got a bit of Sherlockian pastiche, a bit of romance, a lot of clues, a few dead bodies (some of which don’t seem to stay dead), some slap-stick humor (yeah, I gave in and had to laugh out loud a couple of times even though you *know* I’m very reserved and do not snicker at just any silly joke. I pride myself on being a humor snob, so I reined myself in before the giggles completely dissolved into tears and helpless laughter.) Great way to spend a lazy weekend. Fleeting Memory is selling today for $2.99.
Sherban also has this very interesting puzzle book called Deadly Allusions ($2.99). I haven’t read it yet, but I’m curious about it. Deadly Allusions, published by Dover in print, is a series of 60 Puzzles for the Cultured Detective. I’m not very knowledgable on trivia, but these trivia-themed minute mysteries are supposedly a murder-filled crossword without the squares. The object of the game is to pick up on the particular reference in the story and apply it to one of the suspects. Topics include history, literature, art, music, sports, movies, food, drink and word origins. Each whodunit features a hint (for those times when your sidekick has let you down) and an explanation of the solution.