Mary Clare has purposed in her heart to commit her life to serving God and the Catholic church, becoming a mother superior in her quest for perfection. A topic this serious should not be laugh-out-loud funny, but it is. With Saint Training, Elizabeth Fixmer has written a delightful novel for the middle grades that is a funny read for children and adults alike.
Mary Clare is the oldest daughter in a very large family. She takes on the weight of too little money for the family’s needs, too much work to be done around the house, and too many changes in her world and around the world in 1967.
Mary Clare experiences conflicted feelings as she tries to fix everything around her, understand her changing emotions, and practice being a saint, sin-free and serving others. In seeking sinlessness, poor Mary Clare is a failure before she begins, but her dogged determination is admirable.
If you are familiar with Catholic schools or mass, the book will be more meaningful. Even without the background, the book is enjoyable. Not reading this book just might be a sin.
I downloaded the book when Zondervan Publishing offered it free last year. Today Saint Training is selling for only 99 cents . The book isn’t preachy; there’s no hidden message; it’s just a fun read.
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