Fran Baker, an author of Regency romance Miss Francie’s Folly ($2.99), dropped us a note with a review of Ruth Harris’ The Last Romantics. Fran told us she learned of this very talented author through DailyCheapReads. We’re always happy to make introductions.
Where to start? At the end – the end of World War I, that is. That’s when Kim Hendricks, American hero and legendary war reporter, meets Nicole Redon, a gifted fashion designer determined to create clothing women will love to wear, in a celebration-crazed Paris. They spend several weeks together exploring the City of Lights and each other before Kim must return to America. This is where Kim’s courage escapes him. He doesn’t tell Nicole he’s engaged to be married; he simply promises he’ll return.

Kim does return a few years later, and against her better judgment, Nicole takes him back. By now he’s a best-selling novelist and she’s the toast of the fashion world thanks to the simple elegance of her designs. Kim is also married. Nicole has never married, though she’s come close, and she easily falls into the role of his mistress. From Paris to New York to Africa to the French Riviera, through the Roaring Twenties, the stock market crash and the Dirty Thirties, they pursue a romance that sets the world abuzz. The book ends at the beginning of World War II in Europe, when Kim’s courage returns in full force. He goes back to his reporting and pursues the Nazis with a vengeance, while Nicole lives in abject fear for his safety.

Harris skillfully weaves fact with fiction in the creation of this tale of love, loss, success, failure, war and peace. If you’re looking to bury yourself in a big old historical novel full of larger-than-life characters, this is the one. Today you can buy this wonderful book for only 99 cents.

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