Today is Dad’s Day in the United States when we pause to express our appreciation and love for our fathers and to remember the influence they have had on our lives.
Two weeks ago we gave our 91-year-old father a Kindle. I had hesitated because Dad has worked the land as a farmer for over 70 years and hasn’t had much exposure to technology. I took him through the simple steps of operation and explained that I had put 270 books on it for him. He adjusted the font size bigger and read a few pages by a favorite author. Then he headed back out to the farm because he had work to do.
Within the first week he had read six books. He is proof that the Kindle is a good gift for any age even with little or no technology experience if they really want to read.  When I told him about the books I had loaded, he asked if I had any Westerns on it because he “likes those shoot ’em up stories with horses.”
The three books below aren’t true Westerns such as Dusty Richards or William Johnstone or Louis L’Amour would write, but there’s sure to be some shoot ’em up with horses. Each book is selling for only $1.99 and I’ve already purchased them and had them sent to Dad’s Kindle. Now I will have to teach him how to turn on the wireless.
Happy Fathers Day, Dad! Read on!
The Pinkerton Files is based on the new audio series starring Michael Hogan. It sets the real cases of America’ s first private detective in a world of radical inventions driving a bitterly divided nation toward civil war.
Agency founder Allan Pinkerton senses a conspiracy mounting against him, his sons and his operatives. Every step they take toward solving three seemingly disconnected cases draws them further into a conflict that will be their downfall. If Allan allows them to become embroiled in the war, they will never find their way out.

Lincoln and the Golden Circle launches as a simple assignment to protect a rail line from sabotage but explodes when one of Allan’ s agents is murdered, his son is arrested and his protege is wickedly assaulted. With police descending on his headquarters, Allan must choose whether to commit his detectives to a death defying sprint in a final attempt to save the President’ s life.
Bucholz and the Blockade sees Allan save his son from prison by putting him charge of a murder investigation but this hurried decision evolves into a deadly game of cat-and-mouse as his detectives pursue rogue soldiers into battle and accused killers behind bars. Amid a catastrophe that leaves hundreds dead and agents marooned undercover, Allan loses touch with his son as he chases the most dangerous suspect of all.
A Burglar’s Fate opens with a bank robbery in a frontier town, a tiny case Allan would normally not take on except that his Agency is falling to pieces. One of his agents has to be rescued from a botched undercover assignment while another disappears into the political intrigue of the capital. His son risks being arrested again to follow clues only he can understand. As the case unravels, Allan faces pressure from the White House to do the one thing he has resisted all along: join the war effort.