Out of the In-Box
We love e-mail from our site users. Your words of appreciation and support are welcome anytime. We also appreciate e-mail from authors who want their books to be featured on DCR. Our e-mail multiplies in the night; perhaps we need e-mail birth control – the E-Pill.
Occasionally we get an e-mail and my initial response is not one that’s appropriate to reply. Today I’m featuring a few of those e-mails and the response that was not sent.
Cindy wrote to us: I have been having trouble all day. . . I can get to where it shows and tells about the book but when I attempt to “Buy Now” it spins and spins and then I get the blank page with “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”.
My first reaction: I have never in all my life had trouble with the “Buy Now” button. It works all too well.
Kristin wrote: I usually don’t write fan letters….but I’m compelled to in this case- I’ve have been following Dailycheapreads since my dear hubby bought my Kindle DX for me back in September ’10. Since then I’ve downloaded over 450(!) books to my Kindle with the help of your hard work here at this site. I have to say I am seriously (it goes to bed, and to work with me) addicted to my Kindle.
My first reaction: Bet that dear hubby doesn’t get between Kristin and her Kindle. She is one serious addict.
Kate wrote: I love your site !! I just get so frustrated when I go to Amazon to look at a book and it is not available to customers here in Australia!!!
My first reaction: Want to move to the US? Or maybe just switch places for six months? My husband would have the bags packed in 30 minutes.
New Worst Case Scenario
Talk about irony. Remember last week’s poll about rolling blackouts and not having power? Well, late Sunday evening our site went down briefly. The reason: due to excessive demand on the power grid, there was a power outage in the area of the country where our site server is located.
Check out the poll on the right sidebar where we have a new worst case scenario for Kindle addicts. If this week’s worst case scenario comes true, this is the last poll. Ever.
A Beach Read Recommendation
We asked you for Beach Reads that you wanted to share and several of you sent in suggestions. If you have found a great read this summer, let us know about it. The price doesn’t have to be below $5, either.
Donna recommends: A book I was surprised to really like was Rebecca East’s A. D. 62: Pompeii. The premise, a woman sent back in time without any sensible safeguards, was wildly improbable, but suspend disbelief about that and it’s a good read. At one point I bogged down a bit in a description, but summers are for skimming. Today you can buy this tender love story that brings together intelligent and sensitive people from different worlds and it brings the vanished city of Pompeii back to life through vivid and accurate historical details for only $1.99 today.
Cheap Reads
Monday, June 20, is going to be a special day here on DailyCheapReads and we want you to be sure and stop by to visit. That’s all I’m going to tell you.

Wordoku Unbound #1 is available now for 99 cents. The webpage for the game states that the price is valid through June 27. But on a promotional blurb on the Kindle Store home page states: Discounted for a limited time, sale ends June 19. If you want the game just buy it today and be done with it.
Three books we have featured previously are now selling for only 99 cents – a couple of historical romances and a romantic comedy: