Climb on board the Southern Bell for a cozy little mystery in Huckleberry Finished.
As a literature buff and native Missourian, I was drawn to this book set in Mark Twain’s hometown of Hannibal, Mo. Accomplished mystery writer Livia Washburn deftly weaves in Twain quotations and trivia to give the story a unique feel.
In this second book featuring travel agent Delilah Dickinson, a tour group is paddling up the Mississippi River on a casino riverboat to tour Hannibal. One of the passengers, Ben Webster, accuses the casino of running a rigged operation and Delilah is told to make sure he disembarks in Hannibal. But Webster turns up dead in the engine room and suddenly things aren’t as bucolic as the old-time riverboat suggested.

Delilah’s experience at the Gone With the Wind tour in Frankly My Dear, I’m Dead makes her eager to clear things up. She gets help from a Mark Twain impersonator, who may be hiding a little something between his bushy mustache. In fact, a lot of secrets are being uncovered aboard the Southern Belle, including a grizzly event that happened exactly one year ago.

A classic mystery with a detailed setting, a tough lady detective in a small-town police department and a wide cast of characters make this is an enjoyable summer read. The price of $4.47 makes it even more appealing.

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