What’s the Worst that Could Happen?
Summer is such a fun time and the book bargains coming from the Kindle Store are making the month of June especially fun. I’ve been scrambling to get the posts together and out so you can take advantage of the sales prices as I don’t know how long the prices will hold. If you have spent the family vacation fund on books, you can always suggest staying at home for two weeks and reading your great purchases.
Your children might consider that a worst case scenario.
Several Worst Case Scenario books are offered in the Sunshine Deals. As avid Kindle readers, we’ve imagined some worst case scenarios and put together some polls for the summer that will cause you to shudder. Take a look at the first poll on the right sidebar.
Here are several Worst Case Scenario books available at supercheap prices. The first four are $1.99 each; the last two for children are 99 cents each.

Under Better Management
Amazon has updated and expanded the “Manage Your Kindle” page on their website. Your Kindle library loads first on the screen. If it contains many items (like mine) it may take a while to load. You can now select from the left sidebar all your content or by type, such as book, blog, or active content.
The “Pending Deliveries” category is particularly useful if you have more than one device. You now see what is pending and to what device is scheduled to receive the download. Pre-orders are included in this area and can be cancelled and viewed with just the click of the mouse.
The serial number of your Kindle is provided under “Manage Your Devices” along with a picture of your Kindle device. While that is new, the payment settings section is the same.
If you subscribe to a blog, newspaper or magazine, you can now send the past issues to another device. Before this you were limited to one device for any subscription and had to buy multiple subscriptions to read a blog or magazine on your Kindle and phone application. The improvement is fulfilling Amazon’s pledge that you can buy it once and read it anywhere.
Kindle Support and the Getting Started Guide are also on the page. Overall, it’s a great improvement in allowing the users to have better access to information and give them self-service. We all need a better management tool as books in the Kindle Store have now passed the 1 million mark.

Cheap Reads on the jr. edition
If you enjoyed all the great books we featured yesterday for only $1.99 and $2.99 each, you will want to go to our jr. edition today. At noon and 4:00pm today we will have two posts featuring $1.99 and $2.99 books for children, tweens and teens. If you enjoy young adult fantasy and fiction, you might find more great books for your summer reading.