Jocks say some of the darndest things. Some don’t even know how funny they are. Comedians, sportscasters, and news journalists, however, are clever wordsmiths. You Don’t Say by Hartley Miller is chock full of verbal gems from the jocks and the clever quips of the media.

You don’t have to be a sports fan to enjoy the puns, the malaprops, the chapter of Anna Kournikova comments, and the Yogi-isms from beloved baseball player Yogi Berra. Anyone who loves language and can chuckle at the mangled expressions and turns of phrases will enjoy the fun.

This book is a quick read to have on your Kindle or Kindle app for when you have just a few minutes or want to take a break from a longer book.

My husband rated the book with five footballs, five basketballs, five baseballs, five golf balls, and a 9.9 rating on form, style, and execution.

A couple of quotes I enjoyed:
* Guess the Bears figure that it ought to cost a lot of money to get to the place the Bears themselves can’t get to. — Steve Rosenbloom of the Chicago Tribune, after the Chicago Bears raised ticket prices for its end-zone seats.
* I can’t die. It would wreck my image. — Fitness guru Jack LaLanne, eighty-three, in an interview on HBO’s Real Sports

You Don’t Say is selling today for only $1.57 A fun read at a supecheap price.

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