A young teacher arrives at a one-room school house on the prairie … You know exactly how this story will go. But then it’s full of fun little twists and you enjoy every single page of it.
Edythe Amsel, for one thing, isn’t the typical young little miss. She is 28 years old and is proud to begin a teaching career after raising her younger siblings following the death of their mother. Joel Townsend is raising his nephews after their parents were killed in an accident. As they get to know each other, Joel and Edythe find their similar experiences draw them close, but also make it more difficult to start a future together. Edythe has already raised one family and isn’t eager to take on another.

Joel finds the school teacher lovely and kind, though her ideas about education and women’s suffrage don’t make her a good fit in Walnut Hill, Nebraska.
Edythe stands up for her beliefs, setting some townspeople against her. Joel stands up for the teacher, but in his heart he knows he must find a woman who will be a good mother to his boys. His reluctant, awkward approach to romance adds a touch of humor.
Courting Miss Amsel is a romance, as well as a beautifully written book with well-developed characters. The big-hearted storekeeper reminded me of Mr. Olson from Little House on the Prairie. Author Kim Vogel Sawyer was a teacher before starting her writing career and she lends her expertise to this story to make Edythe’s instruction in the classroom very interesting. Johnny and Robert, Joel’s nephews, were endearing by being real children, not contrived props to the story.
You think you know how this story will go… and that only makes it all that much more enjoyable. I read this book as part of the review program for Bethany House publishers in exchange for writing an unbiased review.
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