Are you a storyteller when it comes to books?
Early in 2009 the BBC conducted an on-line survey asking their site visitors questions about what they read and what they claimed to have read. Two-thirds of the respondents on the survey confessed to lying about having read a book in an effort to impress someone. The classics, led by George Orwell’s 1984 and Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace, were the most
popular chosen from a list of ten books to have been falsely claimed as read.
You can read the full article about the survey here.
When it comes to pleasure reading, I don’t ever recall outright lying about having read a book. More than once I have unsuccessfully tried to bluff my way through remembering the content of a book. A few times I’ve claimed not reading a particularly poorly written book.
Not counting school assignments, have you ever tried to impress someone by lying about what you have read? I’ve put a poll on the right side bar for you to vote on the most appropriate statement that describes you. We have no mechanism to track how a particular person responds so all confessions are secret.
Taking it in the Shorts
Exactly half of you who voted told us you prefer books over short stories. If you are going to read short stories, anthologies are preferred.
To me, a short story seems harder to write. The time to establish the plot; develop characters; and come to resolution has to be much more compact. I’ve read books that would have been better as short stories. I’ve also read short stories that left me wondering, “But what about this? And this? What happened next?” I’ve spent hours daydreaming about how the unanswered questions would play out. Perhaps that is the intent of a well-written short story.
With these survey results in mind, we will continue occasionally telling you about short stories, collections, and novellas available in the Kindle Store.
The picture above doesn’t relate to the subject, but it is finally spring where we live. We have the simple pleasure to sit in our backyard by the dogwood tree while reading from our Kindles.

1. I do not care for short stories at all. Give me a book. (50.0%, 238 Votes)
2. I like short stories; I prefer collections or anthologies to get a better value. (22.48%, 107 Votes)
3. I am kind of on the fence on this one. I can take them or leave them. (10.78%, 51 Votes)
4. I like short stories and will buy them for 99 cents – what a deal! (9.45%, 45 Votes)
5. I like short stories, but 99 cents for one story? It had better be an author I already love. (6.77%, 32 Votes)
6. Other – tell us in the comments what you do and do not like about shorts. (0.63%, 3 Votes)
Total Votes: 476

Charitable contributions and book sales
Periodically we receive requests from authors to feature their book during a certain time as the author will be donating sales proceeds to a charity or current relief effort. DailyCheapReads strongly supports charitable giving and as individuals give generously to organizations we support.
We do not have reason to doubt the sincerity of the authors and their intentions of contributing funds to their chosen charity. We also do not have the means to verify that the proceeds have been given as stated. Therefore DailyCheapReads will not include on its posts any statements regarding the author’s intentions with the proceeds from a book sale.

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