Adult Literacy and the Kindle
Years ago I was a Laubach literacy tutor. Two young adult men became proficient readers and I marveled that as they became better readers, they became more confident individuals. One of the men started dating a young lady and for the first time ever picked out a greeting card because of the message, not the picture.
To most of us, reading is a vital part of our lives. Sadly many adults cannot read beyond a sixth grade level. ProLiteracy estimates that 18 million Americans do not read at a level proficient to earn a living wage.
I believe that the Kindle is a tool that can be used to improve the reading skills of adults. There is anonymity in the Kindle. No one has to know what you are reading. You can read a book at your skill level and the world won’t know that you aren’t reading the latest best seller. No book cover gives it away. The Kindle has a built-in dictionary to assist with unfamiliar words.
Perhaps the greatest benefit of the Kindle is that affordable reading material at all levels is readily available. As reading proficiency grows, so can the Kindle library. If your teen or significant other is not a proficient reader, I would encourage you to explore the idea of a Kindle and appropriate level reading material. Our jr. edition site has books for all levels for less than $5. Today we are featuring books by Deborah Dee Harper who has written a fast-paced, wholesome, fun series called Laramie on the Lam about an 11-year-old boy. The series is designed for the reluctant reader and will have six installments when complete.
I read the first book Laramie and the Law. The story moves quickly; Laramie is a likable kid; and the predicaments are entertaining. As I read the story I remembered boys from my childhood who were like Laramie, Jake, and Prentiss. Adults could easily make a connection with the characters and have a good time reading it. Each installment is about 1,000 locations long and costs only 99 cents.
Laramie and the Law: You know you’re in trouble when you see your picture on the front page of the newspaper and discover you’re wanted by the local police for robbing a bank!
What happens when an unsuspecting sixth grader holds open the door for three men leaving the bank? The police accuse him of robbing it. The next thing Laramie knows, his mother is ready to scalp him, the police are hot on his trail, his dad’s going to blow his top when he gets home, and he and his dog Maestro are holed up in the tree house. Oh, and there’s the $30,000 in his backpack he didn’t have the day before. Worst of all, the robbers want it back. Laramie and the Law99 cents.
Laramie and the Land of Liberty 99 cents: Laramie Wyoming is in trouble again, but this time in Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. Laramie didn’t think things could get worse than the world’s worst bully being along for the ride, until the men who robbed the bank in Laramie’s hometown showed up.
And Windy has Stormy eyes. . .
I sang that little bit of song all day after I closed the poll on naming The Perfect Car 2. Voting was close, but Stormy is the name of our new car. Thanks for giving your input by voting in our poll. JoJo sent a comment suggesting Shadow. I love that idea, so the next car we buy will need to fit that name. The final tally:

1. Stormy – 85 Votes
2. Grayce – 82 Votes
3. Grady – 36 Votes
4. Ashley – 18 Votes

Here’s the picture of our car after the close encounter of the deer kind.
Free books and the next books in the series
Publishers offer the first book in a series free hoping that readers will buy the next books in the series. Today we are featuring two free books and the next books in series.
Almost Perfect , the first book in Julie Ortolon’s Perfect Trilogy is still free today, but won’t be for much longer. You can also purchase Just Perfect for $2.99 and Too Perfect for $3.99.

The Weddings of Bella series is written by Janice Thompson and published by Revell, a Christian publisher. The romantic comedy series is described as fun, fresh, and full of surprises.
Fools Rush In is free; Swinging on a Star and It Had to Be You are selling for $5.38. The three book series totals $10.76 or $3.59 each.

A Reader’s Comment
Yesterday we featured Accidents Waiting to Happen by Simon Wood and selling for only 99 cents today. Janet sent this comment to us:

I bought this book yesterday and couldn’t put it down. An up-all-nighter! And now I am off to buy his other two books that were excerpted as I must read them!!!!
This is a very original suspenseful book. Glad to find it and have a new suspense author to follow!