Charlotte Castle has woven a delightful British tale about a family with a terminally ill child in her book Simon’s Choice.

Simon is a successful physician while Melissa owns a little floristry business. Their seven-year-old daughter Sarah is dying of leukemia. The close-knit family includes the Bailey and Halford grandparents who rally around Simon and Melissa, staying constantly optimistic.

Sarah’s cancer is in remission but then it returns and the downward spiral begins. She continues to worsen and one night she finds her daddy up late and asks him if she is going to die and asks what will happens when she dies. Sarah’s main concern about going to heaven is that she doesn’t know anyone there. Simon answers her questions the best he can and even says that he will go with her to heaven. Simon can accept the fact that his daughter is dying but he can’t let her be alone and scared.

Sarah’s struggle will make you cry but the ending will leave you stunned and smiling. You can purchase and read this poignant novel today for only $2.99. I enjoyed this book not only for the story line, but with the Kindle I was able to quickly learn some new British words and their definitions. For example, I didn’t know that the boot of a car in Britiain is the trunk.

A background note from the author, Charlotte Castle: The story behind Simon’s Choice is that I turned to a friend and asked “What would happen if your child were diagnosed with a fatal illness – what would you do?”
And the friend replied: “I would go with her.”

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