In Jobless Recovery, L.C. Evans creates a living picture of the recession.
As the title suggests, this novel has “ripped from the headlines” feel, yet it is infused with humor and personal touches.
Dave Griffin is a young computer programmer who drives an SUV and dates a pretty girl. Until Markham-Hook Conglomerate announces a restructuring that gives Dave’s job to a foreign programmer at a fraction of his salary and the world as he knows it falls apart.
Across town, Joe Tremain is in worse shape. He lost his government job because he suffered a head injury. Now, he’s also lost his health care and can’t afford medicine to treat his seizures. His daughter Lark works for a caterer to support them, while acting with a group of street performers is her true pleasure.
Dave is forced into further humiliation by having to train his replacement. He walks out of the job, losing unemployment benefits. He further upsets the Markham-Hook executives by going to Washington highlight the problems with a trade bill that cost American jobs. The senator’s response that Americans just need more education was priceless.
This novel presented a fresh look at the white-collar job losses of recent years. I, for one, could relate to much of this book and I’m sure others will be able to, as well. It took awhile for the different characters to come together, which was unfortunate, because that was the best part of the story as they started interacting. The author does a good job of creating a mood of despair, sometimes too good as the beginning seemed rather heavy. The ending, however, was filled with unexpected turns and an upbeat finish made this a good read.
At just $1.49, it’s the perfect price anyone in their own jobless recovery.
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