In January we featured a post about reviews and their importance to authors and readers alike. As the person who selects books to feature on DailyCheapReads, I read many reviews and appreciate those reviews that provide honest feedback about a book. Have you found the time to write a review yet?
Some of you post mini-reviews as comments on posts for books you have read. Thank you for telling all of us when you have enjoyed a book. April wrote this about Hens Dancing

Raffaella has now become one of my favorite authors! Can’t tell you how many times I laughed out loud and nodded in agreement. Could see myself on several pages, sadly! I am hoping kindle will have all of her books available, but I would love a copy of this book for the beautiful cover.

Note: Hens Dancing is now selling for $9.99.
Geneva told us this about The Blue Edge of Midnight

Purchased and READ the Blue Edge of Midnight, on a Sunday afternoon. The book held my attention, I could not put it down. Jonathon King kept me on the edge of my seat. I will read other books of his in the near future.

Note: The Blue Edge of Midnight is now selling for $9.89.
Wayne added this comment on Lord of the Crooked Paths

Marvelous book. Really enjoyed it. Patrick Adkins really brings the characters from mythology to life. Great plot development and rounding out of characters. I highly recommend the book to anyone.

After this comment was posted, I sent an e-mail to the author Patrick Adkins. Patrick referred me back to a recent review posted on Amazon. I wanted to share the review with you as it contains several important points:

  1. What caused the reviewer to buy and/or read the book
  2. What the reviewer liked and why
  3. Comments about who else might enjoy the book
  4. Comments about the Kindle edition (wonderful information!)

The review:

The title of this book attracted me, and once I started reading, I was hooked! I really, really enjoyed this book. I particularly liked the author’s ‘voice’ in writing. It was very fresh and modern and conversational with no attempts to sound archaic or contrived. All the characters were totally 3-D and well-drawn with believable (though not always likable) personalities. All the characters are drawn from Greek mythology of the Age of the Titans, which predated the more commonly-known Greek gods & goddesses. The greatest portion of this book is just a fly-on-the-wall view of the Titan and Titaness lords and ladies going about their everyday life, which is imagined down to the smallest detail and is totally believable.


An excellent read, highly recommended! I would say that this is suitable for all ages from young teens up. I would hesitate to recommend it for younger children because while there’s no graphic descriptions, there are definitely adult situations, not all pleasant.

Note on the Kindle formatting: Perfect. Period.

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