A long, personal post:
Early next week my husband has an appointment with his surgeon. We anticipate this will be the visit when the surgeon tells us he doesn’t want to see us again; his work is complete. Sweet words we hope to hear.
I firmly believe God led us to this surgeon. He’s an outstanding physician in his area of practice. He literally saved my husband’s life. God’s grace and healing aren’t being discounted; this man was God’s instrument.
At our first appointment, even though it was anticipated, he dealt a devastating blow with his diagnosis. He was direct and to-the-point. He said words I didn’t want to hear. And I didn’t like him.
Perhaps he delivers similar messages to patients every week. In my wonderfully blessed world, I had never before received such life-altering news.
Home from that first appointment, I did what any Kindler would do. I searched the Kindle Store for books related to the subject, bought two and read one that night. Jones and Bartlett Learning publishes books for patients and families to understand medical issues. If you need to read about a medical concern, I recommend Jones and Bartlett’s books. They aren’t cheap reads, but are worth every penny.
After reading the first book, I realized that my husband’s illness wasn’t a death sentence. Thinking back over our visit with the surgeon, I remembered he had spoken only of the actions to be taken. He told us clearly we would do the first step, study the results, go to the second step if needed, study the results, right on down the list, and he ended with “until we have a cure.” I had lost those words in the cacophony of bad news.
Yes, the surgeon was direct. But he also spoke with confidence. Not arrogance, but confidence. I instinctively knew I could trust what he said. Perhaps I could even like him.
When he spoke with me following the surgeries, his comments were always about my husband. He didn’t draw attention to himself. Every question I asked was answered fully and with confidence. When I asked outright about the long-term prognosis, he didn’t hesitate to assure me that he anticipated a full and complete recovery. Before the second surgery, I asked about continued therapy. He confidently said he didn’t think there would be a necessity based on what he saw in the scans. I hugged his words to my heart and planned our future around them. I repeatedly told myself that by Valentine’s Day, this would be behind us.
And I prayed. From the first moment of the diagnosis I prayed that God would heal my husband, and if He didn’t heal him, that God would heal me. During my near-constant conversations with God throughout the next six weeks, I gently reminded God that healing my husband would be the easier of the two options, because healing me would be a long-term project. Mercifully, God answered the cries of my heart.
God sent us to an amazing surgeon with the perfect personality to allay my fears, replenish my hope, and keep my spirits upbeat. I believe the assurances God has promised that He will keep me in the palm of His hand in every situation. I also believe that God provided for me this surgeon who spoke with confidence.
Thank you for allowing me to share my personal journey these last few weeks. You can read about our journey in posts from November 30, December 4 and December 23. Your expressions of concern and prayers were healing balms for our battered souls.
Though this post is about our surgeon, my husband received excellent health care from compassionate professionals throughout his illness. Their combined work and care have brought him to good health today. I respect and appreciate their work and dedication.
In honor of the medical profession, I am re-posting Michael Palmer’s medical thriller, The First Patient, selling now for only $2.99. PRICE UPDATE: $9.99
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