In November and December you voted in our poll about writing book reviews of Kindle books on Amazon. Here are the results:

1. I want to write one, but I’m intimidated (52.4%, 153 Votes)
2. I plan to write one soon about a great book I found on (20.89%, 61 Votes)
3. I’m a pro — I review over half of the books I read (13.36%, 39 Votes)
4. Reviews? I don’t read them; I don’t write them (13.36%, 39 Votes)

Authors need reviews to survive; to keep the momentum of their book sales going. Readers need reviews to help them pick books they will enjoy. From the poll results, you want to offer your opinion on the books you read, but you aren’t sure where to start. Here are a few questions to answer that may help you get started:

  • Did you like the book? Do you read this genre often?
  • Who was your favorite character? Who didn’t you like? Were the characters believable?
  • Did you guess the who-dun-it, but enjoyed the story anyway?
  • Was the book too scary or just thrilling enough?
  • Did the book keep you interested the entire time or were there some slow parts?
  • Did you laugh out loud? If you did, definitely say so! Readers love to laugh.
  • Was it a sad book? Did it move you or inspire you to act?
  • Are you waiting on the next book by this author?

There is no one perfect way to write a review. You are welcome to write a short review, but try to make the review specific to the book. If you want to do a longer review, including deep analysis, consider adding other books that are similar to the one you are reviewing or an example of your favorite part. You don’t have to describe the exact scene, because of course, you don’t want to include “spoilers” and tell people who haven’t read the book what is coming!
If you read a book and see that it only has a few reviews, consider adding your thoughts. Readers really do want to know what you liked–and what you didn’t–about a book. Always be honest in your review. Remember, it is okay to love some things about a book and not even like other things. Authors and readers need your opinions.
If you write a review for a book in the Kindle Store, please always follow Amazon’s guidelines for reviews. (This link is for reviews of all products by Amazon, not just books.)
Closing thoughts: 
1. Keep your comments to the book. If the book is about a person in politics, do not use the review as a soapbox to voice your opinion. Other websites offer those opportunities.
2. Refrain from criticizing the author. 
If you have have written a review, please send us a link to the Amazon review – your first review, your best review or your favorite review. If you’re a new review writer and were inspired to write a review, send us the Amazon link. We would love to see it and we will share a few reviews on our site. Still too shy to write a review? Send us an example of a review that you read and that made you buy the book!
A special thank you to Maria E. Schneider for her assistance with this post.
Thursday we will be posting a feature about a book that has received low reviews because the readers may not have known the context of the book, a specific dialect in the United Kingdom that doesn’t follow English or American grammar rules.