We learned about Perfect Shelter through one of our DailyCheapReads users, who emailed us about our site, then mentioned that her daughter Deborah Pierson Dill had written a novel that she thought we would enjoy. Isn’t that just the cutest thing?
I read the description of Perfect Shelter and decided it was definitely worth a try.
Elaine Mallory’s house in Blithe Settlement, Texas, is destroyed in a tornado just four weeks after her husband drowned. Elaine snatches her purse out of the tree to find her car keys safely stored inside. “Thank you so much for sparing my keys!” she yells at the heavens. Elaine boards the bus to Dallas, turning her back on the memories and on God.
Five years later, she returns to visit her aging aunt. She renews old friendships, including with Justin Barnet. Justin had loved Elaine since childhood, but he has recently returned to town after a stint in prison.
Elaine must come to terms with the past that she walked away from, her anger at God and an unexpected attraction to Justin. An honest look at her conflicting emotions gave this book some intriguing facets. Justin was certainly an interesting guy and I would have liked to have read more from his perspective.
I wondered if the tragic back story would make this a heavy read, but the focus was certainly on fresh beginnings. Most of the book was a traditional romance, with the last portion more of a suspense. I think the book would have been stronger if both elements had been incorporated more throughout the story. The book is selling for $5.99 in the Kindle store.

And no, having your mother contact us is no guarantee we’ll read or review your book. But you never know!
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