Grace Krispy, educator and psychologist by day, avid reader and indie book reviewer by night. Visit me at The four I finally chose:
The Kinshield Legacy, fantasy by K. C. May: Wow. I was hooked in the first chapter and found myself enthralled and fully immersed in the adventure. The pacing of the chapters and introduction of new characters was ideal for maintaining interest and moving the story along without drawing anything out unnecessarily. Sometimes bad things happen to great characters, and I mourned the unavoidable losses along the way, even as I celebrated the small victories. I cringed; I delighted; I was completely and utterly engaged – a great read for only 2.99 today.

Sleight Malice, suspense/thriller by Vicki Tyley: Suspenseful and intriguing, this book is hard to put down, and each small twist and turn keeps you engaged right through to the end. With well-developed characters and interesting connections tying them together, there is never a dull moment. You are pulled further into the story with every new discovery, and it’s hard to put the book down before you find out what truly happened. You can purchase the thriller today for $2.99.
Tag, science fiction by Simon Royle: In a future where people are “tagged” with numbers as their identity, a sinister plot has been designed to eliminate two-thirds of the population. Jonah Oliver, an average guy, is inadvertently thrown into a race against time to stop what seems inevitable, and, in doing so, finds out some unexpected truths about himself. This engaging and well-paced thriller explores an alarmingly realistic future that was both compelling and alarming. With an easy writing style and a captivating storyline, I was completely absorbed from beginning to end! Today, Tag is available to purchase for $2.99.
Verdant Skies, science fiction by Steven Lyle Jordan: This author has written a page-turning adventure about a future for Earth, a very plausible and somewhat frightening future where much of the population lives on satellites. Although the storyline seems to lead you to an inevitable ending, you realize that even amongst the despair, hope is born. The story points to the resourcefulness of mankind, and the strength and integrity that is needed for humanity to move forward in difficult times. As I turned the last page, I was left to wonder what happens next, for the Earth, and for Verdant. A riveting read filled with fascinating science, and available today for only $2.99.