I haven’t quite finished this book, but am glad to be able to share a review in a timely matter.
The One Year Chronological Bible was my Christmas present to myself last year. I read the paperback version in the New Living Translation by Tyndale, available from Amazon for $16.49. Click on the book cover below to link to the paperback.

The Bible is arranged with readings for every day of the year, usually about three to six pages each day. Instead of traditional Bible order, the passages are arranged in the order that the events occurred. The first five books of the Bible pretty much are the same, but then passages became interwoven from different books.

There were several sections that I found enlightening to read in chronological order. The first was how the messages from the prophets like Isaiah tied in with history from the kings; another was the exile period with the books of Ezra, Nehemiah and Esther. Most interesting of all was to discover how the gospel accounts tied together. Another was reading Acts interspersed with Paul’s letters as he wrote them in between his missionary journeys. A few times it became repetitive to read essentially the same passage from two or three different books, but that is to be expected.
It is an undertaking to read the Bible in a year, but very rewarding. Reading in chronological order gave me a deeper understanding of the scope of history in the Bible. The New Living Translation is a readable translation which helped the passages to flow and also gave a fresh perspective to familiar scriptures. This particular format was “front loaded” with slightly longer passages in the Old Testament, so you could get to the New Testament sooner in the year.
As I prepared this review in time for New Year’s for those of you who may want to start reading, I was disappointed to see that this version is not available on Kindle. The Chronological Bible seems like such a natural fit for the Kindle, since you are reading straight through like a novel and not flipping between pages in a Bible study. Since there are readings for every day, it would be nice to be able to take the convenient Kindle when traveling.

The publishers are missing a great opportunity here. There are two Kindle offerings — a New King James Chronological Study Bible ($26.72) and American Standard Version ($7.99). I can’t vouch for either of those, but they may be worth a try and I’d certainly recommend a chronological Bible.
Click here to purchase the NLT Chronological Bible – Paperback