We just can’t help it — we love Christmas!
I wanted to share with you my review of this book that we featured on Daily Cheap Reads when it was offered free a few weeks ago.
A Simple Amish Christmas by Vannetta Chapman has the romance and delight of a holiday story, with the crisp, fresh feeling of a visit to Amish country.
Annie Weaver has followed the tradition of rumschpringe and moved away from home and the Amish lifestyle as a young woman. Annie used this rebellion period to earn a nursing degree and work in a children’s hospital. As Christmas nears, however, she finds her heart longing for the simple ways of home.
When she receives word that her father has been injured in an accident, she returns home to care for him. Annie encounters Samuel, who provides basic medical care to the Amish community. Annie and Samuel immediately clash over the care for her father. But they find themselves coming together to care for the needs of their kin.

Annie becomes attracted to Samuel, but her complicated feelings for the widower make Christmas not so simple.
This full-length story presents characters that are impossible to resist. Annie was especially engaging as she tried to help her people with her medical skills, while also respecting their traditions.
This book is now selling for $9.99 in the Kindle store. (A good reminder to pick up those free offerings the minute they become available because they won’t last long!)

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