If you are looking for something a little bit hot to warm you on these cold days, then I’m Your Santa is the cheap read for you, selling today for $4.47.

The book features a trio of Christmas romance novellas that revisit families that the authors have introduced in previous books. Lori Foster is the lead author with a stand-alone story that includes characters from two of her books Too Much Temptation ($4.30) and Never Too Much ($4.30) . In The Christmas Present by Ms. Foster, Levi had always loved Beth but she was off limits, being engaged to his best friend. But when her fiancée is found with another woman, it’s more than Beth can take and she heads home through a snowstorm. Levi has to follow her, which infuriates Beth. Will this couple resolve their differences and have a merry Christmas?

It’s a Wonderful Life by Karen Kelley revisits Two Creeks, Texas (Hell On Wheels – $8.96). It’s a wonderful life, or at least that’s what Jeremy Hunter thought until it gets out of hand with the alcohol and womanizing. Now his agent tells him he will lose another acting job if he doesn’t straighten up and it’s a role of a preacher. He heads out incognito on his Harley to live the part as a preacher and ends up stopping to get a bite to eat in Two Creeks. He has a freak accident and Bailey, a fourth-grade teacher, feels responsible. Sparks fly between the pretend preacher and the school teacher and Jeremy leaves town rather than face the truth.

Home for Christmas by Dianne Castell brings another story from O’Fallon’s Landing, Tennesee (I’ll Be Seeing U – $8.55). Coming home for Christmas was supposed to be a wonderful time, but LuLu Cahill was in a fix. Her fiancée had maxed out her credit cards, left her at the altar and now she admits she is carrying his child. And along comes Handsome, who also is having his share of troubles as this was supposed to be his Christmas Eve wedding. Meeting on one of the worst days of their lives turns into a funny, topsy-turvy weekend.

Home for Christmas was my favorite story because it was hilarious how LuLu’s and Handsome’s plan actually backfired. But being a romance, isn’t it all supposed to come out right in the end? This was also a whirlwind of a read because of the many events taking place which carried the plot right through.

You can read these Christmas novellas of familiar places with familiar characters when you buy I’m Your Santa for only $4.47.
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