This delightful collection of three short stories is a must-read for the holiday season. Each story is a different twist on a familiar holiday movie. You’ll delight in the modern-day version of An American Carol by Jasmine Cresswell, Miracle on Bannock Street by Colleen Collins and It’s a Wonderful Night by Kathleen Long.

An American Carol:
Charles Brentwood has allowed himself to become the bitter old miser we so often see portrayed in The Christmas Carol. What’s different about this character is that he really is related to Charles Dickens, the writer of the original story. In the process of self-discovery, he realizes his mistakes of the past and allows Christmas to work its transforming power.

Miracle on Bannock Street:
Take one ambitious female private investigator, a court-appointed attorney, a wayward 11-year-old, a very confused Santa and you’ve got a miracle on Bannock Street. Stella is saddled with Bobby, who’s been in and out of the system and is about to get sent to a school of boys but it’s the holidays and the judge doesn’t want to send him there now. Turn around being fair play, Victor gets Santa to stay at his house. Taking a leap, blindly trusting, this group forms a magical Christmas tie. This was my favorite of the anthology because the little boy’s Christmas wish comes true.
It’s a Wonderful Night:
Meredith Downey had never planned to stay in Dodge, New Jersey. She’d left right after high school to become a doctor never to return again, leaving behind Matt Riley. That was, until her father died and left the town without a doctor. Her sister, Melody, is the one that left and traveled the world. But one wonderful, snowy night, Meredith and Matt got their wish and realized that things sometimes may not be what they seem.

If you love to watch those black-and-white movies every year, then pop the corn, make a hot chocolate, take a front row seat and enjoy this book of holiday romances. It’s a Wonderful Christmas is available today for only $4.32.
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